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NBA Draft 2016: Brandon Ingram Has Private Workout for Sixers Monday

Let the speculation begin!

NCAA Basketball Tournament - West Regional - Duke v Oregon Photo by Sean M. Haffey/Getty Images

Ben Simmons has rather suddenly become the consensus No. 1 target in Sixers world, despite a decent amount of hedging from fans and analysts alike a couple months ago. Our community overwhelmingly believes he’s the No. 1 prospect, while all but one surveyed writer had him at the top of our Christmas list.

The Sixers aren’t done doing their due diligence, however, and Brandon Ingram will reportedly make his way to Philadelphia for a workout on Monday.

While bringing players in for workouts doesn't mean a ton this time of year, the weight of the No. 1 pick turns every gym session a full-blown event. The player widely believed to be heading to Los Angeles coming into Philly for a workout is notable even if it’s just the Sixers doing their last bit of homework before making the selection later this month.

Recent signals from the team's power structure hint at a willingness to take Simmons, the proverbial best player available, rather than chasing a perfect fit. The possibility exists that they think Ingram has the highest potential in the draft class, but it would run counter to most of what we’ve heard leak from the organization. They have their pick of the field, so shrouding themselves in mystery isn’t exactly necessary.

If you fall into the Simmons half of the argument, it's still hard to get mad about the team bringing Ingram in for one last look. Getting to sit down and chat with him away from the noise of the combine or a group workout is a big plus, and should hopefully provide a more complete picture of Ingram the person.

The offseason for European soccer is typically referred to as "silly season" for the amount of coverage dedicated to small and ultimately fruitless rumors. This isn't quite at that level yet, but it’ll be nice when the No. 1 pick is made and we can begin to talk more about the actual basketball stuff again.

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