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Sam Hinkie Received Three Votes for NBA Executive of the Year

Former Sixers GM Sam Hinkie still has friends looking out for him.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Awards voting is often an incomprehensible sham, so it's only right for a departed executive to garner some votes for the league's top front-office honor. A press release from the NBA revealed that Sam Hinkie received three votes for Executive of the Year, one of 14 GMs to grab a vote.

The full voting split is detailed below. Hinkie finished 11th:

The million-dollar question is "Who would vote for Hinkie?" One obvious answer is Daryl Morey, Hinkie's mentor in Houston and one of his strongest allies within the league. Oklahoma City's Sam Presti -- instrumental in helping stave off changes to the NBA lottery when they would have hit the Sixers hardest -- was another reliable partner, even if their connection wasn't as obvious as the Morey-Hinkie partnership. Voter No. 3 is less immediately obvious, as I don't think Vlade Divac or Dell Demps are inclined to send Hinkie so much as a fruit basket.

This is a show of solidarity above all else. Even the most vigilant of Hinkie supporters would be hard-pressed to argue he did one of the best executive jobs in the league this year, at least as it pertains to small-picture voting. I love me some Richaun Holmes, but his selection in the second round isn't enough to tilt the tables in Hinkie's favor.

For a guy criticized for his relationship building, though, this is a pretty strong statement from several friends around the league. Let's hope Bryan Colangelo can use the connections he's supposed to have to the franchise's advantage.

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