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Sixers Hire NBA's Vice President Of Basketball Operations Ned Cohen


Not Ned.
Not Ned.
Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Bryan Colangelo's front office is beginning to take form. Just one week after interviewing Washington Wizards Vice President of Scouting Marc Eversley, the team will be hiring the NBA's Vice President of Basketball Operations Ned Cohen to a high-ranking front office position, according to The Vertical's Adrian Wojnarowski.

In addition of the hiring of Cohen, Eversley will be named the team's vice president of player personnel, according to The Vertical's Marc Spears.

There's not a ton of available information out there about who Cohen exactly is, but one league source with knowledge of him described him as third in command under Adam Silver. Cohen's duties with the NBA seemed to be tied to the pre-draft process. Judging from this old Ohio State basketball document which seemed to be distributed to players interested in declaring for the draft, Cohen was involved with the NBA's Undergraduate Advisory Committee, which provides a "confidential projection of a potential draftee’s likely draft position". Cohen also played a role in the NBA's Draft Combine.

More information will inevitably trickle out about the Sixers new man of mystery, but the good news is he seems to be well respected by some very smart people.

We'll provide more information as it becomes available.

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