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Liberty Ballers Still Needs Your Help Qualifying For The Basketball Tournament

Please take 30 seconds out of your day to vote for Liberty Ballers.

Lisa Blumenfeld/Getty Images

Last time we mentioned The Basketball Tournament on this site, we were announcing the signing of John Salmons to the team Liberty Ballers roster. That resulted in our team receiving enough fan votes to jump all the way to third in the northeast standings.

Since then things have quieted down and we're currently 10th out of 11 teams that receive an automatic bid for the tournament, with a handful of teams hot on our heels.

Voting ends in just five days, so I'd like to ask you all one last time to take thirty seconds out of your day to vote for Liberty Ballers, which you can do so right here. Once you sign up, make sure you click on the verification email to confirm your vote. $200,000 in prizes goes to our top 100 fans if we win it all, so there's a little incentive for you to cast your vote for us as well.

Also, if we can get to 1,000 votes, we'll be able to customize our own jerseys, which I promise will be very attractive and hopefully available for sale to the public. We're not that far away!

Our roster is loaded with solid local talent, and we're still in the works of adding three native Philadelphians too. Provided we get in TBT (which we will with your help), the opening round of games will be played at Philadelphia University on July 16-17. We'll be giving away a couple pairs of tickets in the next few weeks to come out and watch us play.

Thank you again for your support. Go Sixers. Go Liberty Ballers.

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