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NBA Draft Lottery: Did the 76ers already win the 1st pick?

Dikembe has got some explaining to do!

Good evening folks! It's the NBA Lottery tonight and while many of the LB contingent and the many 76ers faithful are out celebrating at the Lottery Party of all Lottery parties, some other serious business is going down! Ping-pong balls are going to drop and will decide the fate of many franchises moving forward.

*A wild Mutombo appears*

Initial reaction: "WHO WANTS TO SEX MUTOMBO?"

I know my heart jumped a couple beats when I saw the tweet initially. After a few years of failing to win the lottery, it gets a little tiring being the bride's maid and not the bride. Thus, a time-traveling/prophetic Dikembe is a totally plausible (read: feverishly desired).

On further thought: "Wait, did they even draw the lottery balls yet?"

And, that should shut the door on anything concrete having occurred yet. I have no reason why Deke tweeted that out, whether it be confusion or just a draft he didn't mean to tweet. However, this time of year also usually brings out the conspiracy theorist that claim the lottery is "fixed". Does Dikembe know something we don't? If the lottery balls fall in the 76ers favor, does this now deleted tweet  mean something foul is afoot?

Either way, stay tuned!

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