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NBATV's The Starters Randomly Draw Sixers To Win 2016 Draft Lottery

Luck is on our side this year, according to The Starters.

The Starters

This might just be the year the ping pong balls work in the Sixers favor. After two straight years of ending up with the third pick, Philadelphia has the highest percentage of any team to win the top pick, as well as the faith of NBATV's The Starters.

The gang threw Tas Melas in one of those giant money machines with 1,000 pieces of paper to reflect the possible lottery combinations, and he managed to select the Sixers by seemingly swimming through the paper. Good technique. You can watch the whole sequence below. There's certainly no rigging of this lottery.

We also get two (not one!) Trust The Process mentions, which is just the icing on the fake lottery cake. This has no bearing whatsoever on Tuesday night's actual lottery, but we'll take any good omens we can get.

You can catch The Starters weeknights on NBATV.

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