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The 2016 Rights To Ricky Sanchez/Liberty Ballers Lottery Party: Come

It's here.

While I've had a very difficult time reconciling my feelings towards the Sixers organization after Hinkie left (although the seeds of their heel-turn towards rampant disarray were planted months earlier), the Lottery is indisputably ours. This is the third year that Spike Eskin and I have hosted a NBA Draft Lottery Party -- the first at Miller's Philly Ale House (VIDEO), the second at Buffalo Wild Wings (VIDEO) -- and at XFinity Live! in South Philadelphia in the shadow of a once-Processed billboard, it is bound to be the Most Sixers one yet.

The Sixers have the opportunity to end up with the 1st and 4th overall picks, in addition to #24 and #26 they're guaranteed. We will put aside our Processy/Prokaforic differences and band together in hopes that this whack-ass organization gets a little lucky. We need it. The Sixers might not deserve it, but we sure as hell do. Come flip shit with other Strapazoids either way.

Details and new Ricky below, but short version: free parking if you print the parking ticket, all ages can enter, and LL Pavorsky will be doing a bunch of LL Pavorsky things. Money goes to the Alzheimer's Foundation of the Delaware Valley, and RAINN.

Time: 6pm till 10pm (all night if we get the #1 pick)

Place: XFinity Live, South Philadelphia

Ages: ALL

Cost: Free (parking free, but you must DOWNLOAD THIS TICKET)

You have to park in either LOT C or LOT D at the Wells Fargo Center. They are lots RIGHT NEXT to XFINITY Live! If you’d like to see exactly where to go in for lots C or D, GO TO THIS LINK.

It's too late to buy shirts to pick up at the party but you can order them for delivery HERE.

And here's this week's Ricky to get you all goosed up:


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