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VIDEO: Joel Embiid Is Now Playing Tennis

Joel Embiid, multi-sport star.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Although Joel Embiid is yet to play a single NBA game during his young career, his activity level in off-court activities is impressive. Back in March he was videotaped having a friendly volley with soccer star Javier Pastore in Qatar, and now he's been seen taking his talents to the tennis court.

Friend of the program @Mig_Dig posted a short clip of the 22-year-old playing around on Twitter. Joel certainly seemed displeased with his return of the serve. You have to admire the man's commitment to excellence, regardless of which sport.

This video comes just one day after Philadelphia based basketball trainer Chuck Ellis posted a screenshot of an alleged text conversation with Embiid in which the former first-round pick says he'll be playing two-on-two next week.

Stay safe out there, Joel.

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