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Philadelphia Trainer Reveals Joel Embiid Starts Playing Two-on-Two Next Week

*heavy breathing*

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Joel Embiid is more folk hero than NBA player at this point, but the latest entry in his saga will be a welcome sight for Sixers fans.

From the Instagram page of Philadelphia-area trainer Chuck Ellis:

It's only a text screenshot, but Ellis -- who has trained local players such as Dion Waiters and Wayne Ellington -- seemingly has no motivation to fake this sort of thing, so I'm going to choose to believe this is 100 percent authentic. He also seems to be one with The Process...

... so you know he's a good dude.

The prospect of Embiid getting closer to playing actual basketball is enough to thaw my icy heart, which has prepared for him to never play for the franchise. More baby steps to be taken before the real deal, but the return of JoJo looms.

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