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Sixers Forfeit Game to Knicks

Sixers forfeit in no-show against the Knicks

Anthony Gruppuso-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers forfeited their game with the New York Knicks tonight, as they were unaware you couldn't play a game in Philadelphia while actually being 2,000 miles away in Phoenix.

Knicks players showed up confused to the Wells Fargo Center, expecting to see 15 players clad in the Sixers' red and blue. Instead, they were greeted with nothing but Sixers' executives, content to be good in their own space, and the new Sixers' mascot, Jake.

Management had planned on making Jake "Co-Mascot" with Franklin, but instead, the dog felt marginalized by this new slithery threat, and stepped down shortly before the Knicks players' arrival.

Some of the Sixers' players put up a valiant fight despite their physical remoteness. Isaiah Canaan and Robert Covington continued to bomb away from three, but they quickly realized the fruitlessness of their efforts, given that Phoenix is even farther away than their normal shooting distance in Malvern, PA.

Nerlens, too, true to form, tried not to go down without a fight, displaying grit and effort from across the US. Unfortunately, he was nowhere near the rim, and the Knicks waltzed into the basket without worrying about having any shots blocked.

In lieu of the game, since the Sixers were unable to attend, team staff decided to hold an elaborate half-hour giveaway instead. Many fans were given the opportunity to shoot half-court shots in exchange for 2 years of support and a shiv in the back. Then this happened.

Pretty cool of the team.

The Sixers hope to have a better showing this for their final two games of the season. However, it's unclear whether they'll actually attend those games or merely Skype in to play their opponents from Arizona. We'll have to wait to see what happens.

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