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John Salmons Signs with Liberty Ballers for The Basketball Tournament

Our mystery Sixer has been revealed.

Nick Laham/Getty Images

We promised that once team Liberty Ballers reached 500 votes for The Basketball Tournament, we would release the name of the anonymous former Sixer who agreed to join our roster. The time has finally come.

I am happy to announce that 14-year NBA veteran John Salmons will be a Liberty Baller as we chase down the $2 million prize this summer. Born and raised in the Philadelphia area, Salmons spent the first four years of his NBA career as a members of the Sixers organization before going on to play for the Sacramento Kings, Chicago Bulls, Milwaukee Bucks Toronto Raptors and New Orleans Pelicans.

If you'd like to see Salmons and the rest of the Liberty Ballers team play this summer, then make sure to vote for us HERE. If we don't get enough votes, then we won't be able to compete in the tournament, and you'll be left to wonder if you'll get to see one of your favorite former Sixers play basketball for your favorite Sixers blog ever in your lifetime.

But for real, there are thousands of people who read this website every day, and if all of you voted once, we would have so many votes I'd never have to ask again! If you like the work we produce here, then this is how you can repay us. There's also $200,000 in prizes for our fans if we win the whole thing.

We'll unveil the full roster in the next couple of weeks, but expect to see a couple more notable names playing for LB when it's all said and done.