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PODCASTS: 2016 NBA Draft Scouting and 2015 NBA Draft Regrets

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My squire, Podcast Payne

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We're less than three weeks away from the Draft Lottery -- and consequently, the Rights To Ricky Sanchez/Liberty Ballers Lottery Party at XFinity Live, all ages, free parking, money goes to good charities, #ad -- so it's time to ramp up our speculative Draft coverage. So because Spike hasn't gotten around to YouTube-ing his prospects, we brought on professional draft scout Elan Vinokurov so I could have someone to talk to.

After we run through a recap of HINKIE BILLBOARD, here's what we got into:

  • Jahlil Okafor's season vs. expectations
  • Re-tiering the top of the 2015 Draft
  • Last year's second round draft prospect that Elan loved enough to keep secret except for clients
  • FormerSixerFutureSixer, JP TOKOTO
  • Elan tamping Spike's enthusiasm for Brice Johnson
  • What to do with Jahlil/Nerlens/Joel and when to do it
  • A LOT on Ingram vs. Simmons.
  • All-Tools Prospects like Jaylen Brown, Marquese Chriss, and Deyonta Davis
  • Why he likes Denzel Valentine, and a very impressive Denzel Valentine story

Elan is very smart and good at talking about his job and I could've talked to him for six hours, but Spike cockblocked me. We'll have Elan on after the Lottery to go even deeper, and I'm gonna tell Phillip to mute Spike so Elan and I can talk in peace. Listen to this week's episode below.

MEANWHILE: on what is, I'm told, "A Sixers Podcast," Max Rappaport, Derek Bodner, Rich Hofmann, and Kyle Neubeck -- the Sixers version of the Spice Girls -- go deep on their own draft talk on Sixers Beat.

  • What it means for the Sixers that Dario Saric is very very likely coming over next season
  • All the media appearances Bryan Colangelo continues to make
  • Bryan Colangelo's (pretty good!) draft record
  • Bryan Colangelo's (pretty bad!) free agency record
  • If everything goes to hell and the Sixers only get #4
  • Kyle's role as a wartime president

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