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Report: Saric Informed Efes Teammates He's Leaving For Philly

It looks like The Homie Dario (TM) is finally coming stateside this summer.

Brad Penner-USA TODAY Sports

It's always been about the summer of 2016 for Dario Saric and the Sixers. Sam Hinkie sat at the podium at his post-2014 NBA Draft presser and declared it'd be two years at the earliest before Saric would arrive in Philadelphia, having just signed a three-year deal with an out after year two with the BSL's Anadolu Efes. Saric obliged, hoping to develop his game a bit overseas for two years before making the jump to the big leagues. He'd said multiple times throughout this season that this summer would be the time to make the move, and it appears he's kept his word.

According to reporter David Pick, Saric has informed his teammates he's leaving Europe and heading to the United States to join the Sixers this summer:

This is a major win for the organization. Saric had the power to play through the third and final season on his contract, come to Philadelphia in 2017 and free himself of rookie scale salary restrictions to negotiate a fresh deal under a spiked salary cap. That he's keeping his word is great news; that it appears he's really coming over this summer saves the team millions in future cap flexibility.

It was a brutal year for Sixers fans but brighter days are ahead. One part courage, two parts patience, all parts cultish.