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RICKY: The Bryan Colangelo Podcast, Sixers Free Agency, and Lottery Party Hype

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Monday is coming.

Mark L. Baer-USA TODAY Sports

FormerCurrent LB's own Derek Bodner had Sixers President Bryan Colangelo on his podcast. On this week's Rights To Ricky Sanchez, Spike and I talk about what Colangelo said, what he didn't say, and how long it took him to say it. It's been a few weeks, but neither of us are over Hinkie's departure and the total erosion of the Sixers front office in kowtowing to the whims of the Colangelos and the league. There might be a reason why Bryan went to Derek's podcast and not ours.

We try to pull it together and discuss free agency, wherein we coin the term Nervous Max, and dole out contracts to guys like Kent Bazemore, Moe Harkless, and... Evan Turner?

And we'd just like to remind you that the RTRS/LB Draft Lottery Party is Tuesday May 17th, at XFinity Live, where anyone can enter, and it's free to park with this parking pass. It will be half-Windows 95 Launch, half-Minneapolis street-flooding Prince tribute. Living somewhere in between the most lit and the exact opposite of lit. Many hugs. BOTH Lottery Party t-shirts are available at Cheesesteak Tees for party pickup or to be shipped. But come to the party.

Listen to the Ricky below, and be on the lookout for something big and dumb on Monday.