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Liberty Ballers Live Mailbag, Volume One: Bryan Colangelo, Jerami Grant and more

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Liberty Ballers delves into the world of Facebook Live.

Dan Hamilton-USA TODAY Sports

SB Nation likes to experiment a bit with how we present content, and we're happy to be part of the initiative targeting Facebook's new Live platform. It'll allow us to interact with you directly and toy with concepts -- mailbags, recaps, etc. -- that we've already covered in other formats.

Tonight, I'm going to field some questions in addition to riffing a little bit on the podcast Bryan Colangelo was nice enough to do with Derek Bodner this evening. You can (hopefully) view that below, and hopefully I can get this first joint off the ground without too many kinks in the process. I implore you to badger me in the chat, make fun of me in the comments below, or even ask me questions if you feel so inclined!

UPDATE: The beauty of doing things live -- my Facebook app crashed and this got fragmented into two parts. So you get to stare at my ugly mug for even longer!