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NBA Playoffs Saturday Open Thread

Let's chat about some playoff basketball, since the Sixers won't be participating for a while.

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

You may have heard about the NBA Playoffs starting today. We figured it'd be good to give you all a place to discuss them!

The Fighting Bryan Colangelos aka the Toronto Raptors just put in a pretty horrendous showing in the opening game, allowing Paul George and the Pacers to steal Game One on the road. Toronto has been held up as a "changed group" and ready to challenge Cleveland in some circles, but they didn't exactly banish their playoff demons with that performance.

Elsewhere on the ledger, Golden State will tip off against Houston on ABC in the next ten minutes, while Celtics-Hawks and Thunder-Mavericks round out the slate later tonight.

So let's talk about some playoff basketball. Just because our favorite team is on vacation doesn't mean we have to be.