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NBA Draft 2016: Miami Heat pick owed to Sixers slips to 24 in tiebreaker, Kings grab eighth spot in lottery

Everything is the worst, at the moment.

Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

In my best Hubert Farnsworth voice, bad news everyone! The Miami Heat pick owed to the Sixers had its worst possible outcome realized in this afternoon's tiebreaker event. Heading into the festivities with a chance to select high as 21, Miami ended up in the 24th slot after all was said and done.

Meanwhile, the Sacramento Kings snagged the best possible outcome for their lottery seeding, sliding in at the eight spot. However, this isn't a scenario where the Sixers benefit much from their improved position. By virtue of their three-way tie, the Kings will split their ping pong balls with Milwaukee and Denver, which was pre-determined before the tiebreaker.

This only really impacts the Kings, who now could only fall out of the top-10 (and lose their pick to Chicago) in an apocalyptic lottery scenario. Philly/Sacramento will get one additional ping-pong ball combo thanks to the result, so hold out hope it is the golden ticket.

Sort of a bummer for Sixers fans, particularly when the Heat pick flirted with the mid-lottery in last year's draft. Let's hope that Bryan Colangelo and Co. can unearth a gem in the mid-20s*.

*(ed. note: a small part of me died typing that sentence)