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Sixers will reportedly not hold player exit interviews in Philadelphia

The team had them conducted on the road, which is certainly out of the ordinary.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Get your jokes in about the team exiting relevance six months ago, but the Sixers have taken a strange step to start their offseason, forgoing the usual round of player exit interviews conducted at the conclusion of each season.

WIP and KYW Newsradio's Jon Johnson was first to give us a heads up:

Exit interview day is normally somewhat of an event, and in the past we've even recapped some of the big takeaways from the ordeal. This year, we'd have a lot bigger concerns than the weight Nerlens Noel hopes to play at next season, and it seems like they would be more important than ever.

Whether this is a harbinger of what's to come or a respite for players who have gone through a lot this season, it's strange stuff either way.

UPDATE: Sixers Director of PR Michael Preston further clarified on Twitter