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The most notable quotes from Bryan Colangelo's introduction as Sixers General Manager

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Take a gander at some of the most notable quotes from Bryan Colangelo's introduction as Sixers GM.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports
Bryan Colangelo was introduced to the public as the new GM of the Philadelphia 76ers today. Sitting alongside a visibly-shook Joshua Harris, the younger Colangelo did well enough despite the fact that his dad has evidently vanished into the Arizona desert.

Here are some of the important parts of Bryan's presser:

On the foundation left by Sam Hinkie

BC: My predecessor, Sam Hinkie, has done a nice job of establishing the assets and resources to move forward in a positive way. I'm sorry that Sam won't be a part of that, it was intended all along that he would... The organization is poised to take a major leap forward because of what's happened... The fact that he put the effort forth, he deeserves credit for it. It's not going to sit well with everybody, but the people that understand what was involved and where we are now, I think we're excited about that.... This may be one of the best jobs in basketball right now.

The direction of the franchise:

BC: I want to be very clear, this is not about a departure from a process , a departure from a strategy, this is moving forward with everything that has already been established, everything that is in place. We're going to be measured in our continued building of the organization.

The timeline:

BC: I've outlined for ownership what I think is realistic, but we will not abandon what's already in place in terms of the strategy. We won't rush into anything, we're going to be very measured in the next wave of additions... This is a transition from this measured rebuilding process to sustainable winning, that's what's important here... You can only have so many developing players on your roster, so there may be some decisions to defer some of those to future years, there may be a decision to package some of those things to acquire players that make sense and fit our strategy.

The Process / Were the last three years a success?

BC: I do think it's been a success... We're at a jumping off point now where the organization is poised to take a major leap forward because of what's transpired over this last few years, of what I'm going to call a measured rebuilding process. When we move forward, you're going to be excited about the pieces that come to the table, because there's been a process involved. Everyone knows about it, everyone talks about it. It's led to the results and led to this platform that we can now move forward with.

On hiring Bryan / Jerry's involvement:

JH: 'We spent a lot of time thinking about it, everyone who was out there, it was very collaborative, and uiltimately Bryan came right to the top in terms of our ability to move our franchise forward, so that's really how it happened.'

JH, after follow-up question regarding Jerry's involvement: 'I understand the optics of it, but the reality is Bryan was head and shoulders above every other candidate, so the optics are something we're now managing with you all, but I went with Bryan because he was the best guy for the job. Jerry truthfully, to be fair to Bryan and to be fair to himself, recused himself from the process and wasn't involved... It just so happens Bryan was the best guy for the job and we also had his Hall of Fame dad in the organization.'

Sports science and analytics:

BC: I'm a big believer in analytics, I feel like I'm fairly progressive in that area. We started some things in Phoenix, dating back to Garrick Barr in our video room who ultimately left to start Synergy [Sports], David Griffin who started I think started in the media relations area, formulated some things called Baksetball IQ formula, long before PER even existed. He's now a successful General Manager in the NBA, so I've always been attuned to it.

I consider myself progressive in that area, also in sports science, put together an interesting group in Phoenix, widely considered one of the best medical and training departments in the league... those areas are blending now, those metrics are coming together and it's improving the way we look at performance on the court.
We'll have follow-up analysis and reaction to the presser soon, but chew on these for the time being.