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Evan Turner Shows Support For Sam Hinkie

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Evan Turner: Process truster.

Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Many Sixers players and head coach Brett Brown expressed their support for Sam Hinkie after his resignation, but the former Sixers general manager has found approval outside the Philadelphia area in the form of Boston Celtics guard Evan Turner.

Turner played for the Sixers during the beginning of Hinkie's tenure, but was moved right before the 2014 trade deadline to the Indiana Pacers for Danny Granger and a second-round pick. Hinkie drove Turner to the airport to catch a flight to meet his new team, and the second overall pick in 2010 also voiced kind words for the 38-year-old then.

Prior to the Celtics game on Saturday, Turner asked reporters if they wanted to hear his thoughts on Hinkie, and then showed that he may be a process truster himself. Courtesy of's Jay King:

"You guys want to ask me about Hinkie or something?" Turner asked. "Alright, come on. I got 15 of those 47 wins."


"I didn't read (the letter)," said Turner, who played for Hinkie's first Philadelphia team before getting traded at midseason that year. "A lot of people make assumptions on what they don't know. One thing I didn't know was (how well they're set up for the draft). That's somewhat ingenius. That could set them up great for the future. It's just in the NBA, I don't know what he had with (76ers owner) Josh Harris, but typically jobs, unless you're a legend, jobs don't last seven or eight years for a plan. I think if it does work out then he did set them up great, you know?"

Turner's tenure in Philadelphia was rocky to say the least, but to see him show some love for a man he didn't have much of a connection with during his time on the team is a nice gesture. He's certainly earned some points in my book, but let's hope the Colangelo family doesn't opt to throw a ton of money at him this summer.