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Chad Ford Mock: Sixers "Wavering" On Ben Simmons, Still Select Him With Top Pick

Ben Simmons remains the top pick, although Brandon Ingram is keeping things tight.

David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

ESPN's Chad Ford dropped mock draft 5.0 on Friday, and despite noting that the Sixers are beginning to "waver" on LSU power forward Ben Simmons, he still has the Sixers selecting the acclaimed freshman.

Simmons has been atop their board all year, but the Sixers have one of the front offices that has been wavering a bit lately. Brandon Ingram is a better fit with their current roster, and there are concerns on a team without an alpha that Simmons' laid-back demeanor might not bring the fire needed to reignite the franchise. Ingram's shooting and aggressiveness are appealing. For now, though, Simmons stays here. The Sixers need a point guard and feel coach Brett Brown has the chops to use Simmons as a primary creator.

There's plenty of reason to be intrigued by Ingram, and although wing scoring and perimeter shooting is one of the team's biggest needs, I would find it hard to pass up Simmons. Even with the question marks revolving around his jumper, he's an elite scorer and rebounder, and would be a matchup nightmare in a big Sixers lineup. I'm not entirely sure if he could be a full time point guard, but the passing skills are certainly there, and guys like Giannis Antetokounmpo are breaking down those point forward barriers. Would Ingram be an easier fit for the Sixers? Definitely. But fit is something the Sixers front office has yet to worry about.

With the Miami Heat pick, Ford has the Sixers selecting point guard Dejounte Murray from Washington.

We've had a run on point guards over the past few picks, but none of them has the same upside as Murray.

He's got great size, toughness and a knack for seeing the floor. He also can be wild, and his jump shot is


Murray is listed at 6' 5", 170 lbs., and he fits the mold of a big point guard with defensive potential. Like Simmons, the issues revolving around his shooting abilities are legitimate concerns.

At pick 28, Ford thinks the Sixers should take Duke shooting guard Grayson Allen because of his toughness and ability to shoot. I'm not a fan of the way Allen plays, but he's got an NBA ready jumper. The rest of his game needs some work.

Having someone like Simmons run the point while Murray grows into his game while also picking up Allen's three-point shooting could look pretty good in a couple of years.