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Land The Picks, Sam: Sacramento Kings, New Orleans Pelicans jockey for lottery position

Keep doing that dysfunctional thing you do, Kings.

Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

Team: Los Angeles Lakers (15-56)

Protections: 1-3 in 2016 and 2017, unprotected in 2018.

Pick Status: The Lake Show is comfortably in second thanks to the winning ways of a couple teams in front of them. Aside from a lone win against the depleted Grizzlies on Tuesday, the Lakers are winless in their last six games. Former future Sixer D'Angelo Russell has seen an uptick in play lately, though his flash still outweighs his substance thus far.

Chance of Conveying: The Lakers have a 44.2% chance of falling outside of the top three.

Team: Miami Heat (41-30)

Protections: 1-10 in 2016, unprotected in 2017.

Pick Status: Miami is mired in the mid-pack of the Eastern Conference, currently sitting in fifth. A single win separates the team in 20th draft position (Memphis) and 24th (Atlanta), with the Heat a razor's edge from moving up or down in the equation. Last Saturday's unexpected thrashing of the Cavs helped keep them in the mix here, and it seems their position is destined to be determined at the league's final hour.

Chance of Conveying: We got this.

Team: Oklahoma City Thunder (50-22)

Protections: 1-15 in 2016 and 2017.

Pick Status: 4-0 record since last week's update? Not a bad performance from the boys in OKC. A Saturday night date with the Spurs looms tomorrow, but regardless of upcoming schedule, the Thunder are pretty firmly entrenched within the league's top-five teams.

Chance of Conveying: Lock, stock and two smoking barrels.

Team: Sacramento Kings (27-44)

Protections: Philly has the right to swap their first-round pick with Sacramento's first round pick, as long as it's in the top-10.

Pick Status: The Kings continue to flirt with improved lottery odds. Sixers fans should be paying close attention to our old friends the New Orleans Pelicans, with the Louisiana boys only one game "ahead" of Sacramento in the lottery standings with 11 games to play. New Orleans has all but shut it down for the final stretch -- and their medical team is a horror show -- but never count out the Kings in a battle of incompetence.

Chance of Pick Conveying: Seventh-worst odds are a 15 percent shot at the top three, and the Kings hover closer to six with each passing day. Hold on to ya butts.

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