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There's a Jahlil Okafor rap song, and it is ridiculous

Come on, guys.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Every time I think we've reached Peak Process in Sixers world, something else emerges to prove me wrong.

Blame Max Rappaport for unearthing this nonsense from the rapper who goes by "shark" on Soundcloud. Some "highlights":

  • "On the mic I'm like Nerlens, I got no L's"
  • "Don't jump on the bandwagon especially when Isaiah be hittin' cannons"
  • "I might just knock a Boston fan out to show you I'm reppin"
  • One completely unacceptable goof: Saying "Trust the system" instead of Trust The Process. Even our rappers are tanking.
Depending on if you are Prokafor or Nokafor, "Ball like you Okafor" might be positive or inspire visions of bigs getting torched in pick and rolls. Accepting reviews in the comments.

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