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Kevin Durant meets with Sixers Assistant Coach Todd Wright

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Put your tin foil hats on.

"You lost HOW MANY games this year?"
"You lost HOW MANY games this year?"
David Butler II-USA TODAY Sports

The Sixers brought in Jerry Colangelo in part to improve relations with the rest of the league, but an even earlier hire afforded one of their staffers a dinner with one of the league's top players.'s Brian Seltzer with the word:

We covered the bond between Wright and Durant last summer, so it's not a huge surprise they'd chat it up when given an opportunity. If Kevin Durant does in fact leave Oklahoma City in free agency, Wright's presence on the staff isn't likely to be enough to put Philadelphia on KD's short list, but it can't hurt to have well-connected people around.

If you're out there listening, Philadelphia will call you whatever nickname you want, Kevin. (Even that horrible "The Servant" moniker okay maybe not)