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Sixers-Nets Preview and Game Thread

Sadness envelopes the Sixer-sphere

John Geliebter-USA TODAY Sports


This is sad.

Today was supposed to be great. It's Friday! Those of us in Philly have enjoyed three of the most beautiful days, weather-wise, that Philadelphia has seen in months. Spirits are up. The Sixers play a crap team tonight, meaning they might actually win!

And then the Okafor news hits

Today is a colossal bummer.

Like. Come on. Come THE F*** on. It feels more and more like every little bit of bad luck that exists has hit this Sixers' team since Hinkie took over. Even when he took an uninjured big man high in the draft, the injury bug hit. I have no idea what this will mean going forward, whether the Sixers were looking to trade Jah or build around him, but it really sucks for the kid and for the organization that he now has to deal with this knee issue.

As for the game tonight, it obviously means Okafor will be missing in action, allowing Noel to play tonight (and the rest of the season) at his normal position. That will hopefully be good news for the Sixers' W-L record, because it will mean fewer Center-Center lineups, and fewer ALL THE BIGS, NONE OF THE SPACING lineups. It does kill the only bit of offensive creativity on the roster, which may make the team even more unwatchable than they have been.

Honestly, it's beautiful out. The Nets suck. The Sixers suck even more. This game will be boring, and tough to watch. If the last thirteen (yes, thirteen) games are any indication, the Sixers will probably lose. Again.

So go spend some time with your loved ones. Go for a walk by the Schuylkill and drink a beer on Boathouse Row. Do something fun tonight. Take your mind off this enormous downer of a Sixers' season.

We can be bummed about Jah and the Sixers' rebuild later.

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