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The Three Most Disrespectful Clippers Dunks Versus the Sixers

Some of these are painful to relive.

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The Sixers and Clippers face off at The Center tonight, with Philadelphia hoping to break an eight-game losing streak against their West Coast foe. Five of those eight losses have all been by 20 points or more, including their most recent matchup in January where Lob City won 130-99. Most of these games have featured some brutal and humiliating plays from the Clippers, so no better way to anticipate what might happen tonight then by reliving the past. Here are the three most embarrassing dunks the Clippers have thrown down on a handful of poor souls wearing Sixers jerseys.

3. DeAndre Jordan's Putback Dunk - Feb. 11, 2013

I'll never forget this game, because I was actually there. After a random Twitter conversation with former CEO Adam Aron, I somehow finessed my way into two free tickets for this brutal beatdown. That night was when the "Lob City" name really came to life. This game and these dunks were such a remarkable display of athleticism and complete disregard for human life that at one point I think I broke into tears because I couldn't handle what I was seeing. I found this dunk especially disrespectful because DeAndre Jordan took almost 15 seconds to get across half court, before making a beeline straight to the rim. If Jrue Holiday was about six inches to the left on that rebound, he could've become the original Brandon Knight.

2. Blake Griffin Dunks On Spencer Hawes - Feb. 11, 2013

Same game, same result when one of the Clippers bigs takes it to the rim. I liked this dunk for two reasons: the mid-air hand switch, and the fact that he did it on Spencer Hawes. I think Jahlil Okafor can jump higher than Hawes did on that play there. Also enjoyable were the reactions from Ronny Turiaf, Jamal Crawford and Grant Hill, who seemed like they just didn't know what to do with themselves. Another DeAndre Jordan putback dunk is also included for your viewing pleasure, because it happened on the ensuing Griffin free throw attempt.

1. Blake Griffin Goes Back To Back - Feb. 9, 2014

It's sort of a shame Griffin will miss tonight's game as he nurses his broken hand, because I almost look forward to him putting on a show when these two meet. Michael Carter-Williams started the first Los Angeles fastbreak with one of his many failed lob attempts, so Chris Paul and Griffin were kind enough to show him how it really works. The disrespect on the second dunk was off the charts. Griffin hits Paul with a remarkably unnecessary behind the back pass, resulting in Blake's second windmill dunk in less than 20 seconds. Los Angeles made it look like they were playing against small children all night, and for most of the past four years.

Tip-off is at 7 p.m. If DeAndre Jordan is coming your way tonight, I highly suggest staying out of his way for your own good.

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