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Get a Glimpse of Next Year’s Sixers Nike and StubHub Jersey

The swoosh and the ads have arrived.

NBA: Philadelphia 76ers at Minnesota Timberwolves Brace Hemmelgarn-USA TODAY Sports

After the news came this past May that the 76ers would be expanding their partnership with ticket reseller StubHub that included the Sixers being the first NBA team to have advertisements on their game jerseys, fans were obviously curious how the ad would affect the uniform. How big would StubHub’s logo be? Would it be on the front of the jersey? The back? Well, there looks to finally some clarification on the subject, as Twitter user Josh Stein tweeted out the following image:

The StubHub logo isn’t THAT invasive, taking up position just to left of the collarbone on the jersey. For all the uprise over advertisements now being on jerseys, Nike’s swoosh logo is larger and more apparent on the opposite side of the front of the jersey, ultimately an advertisement itself too for Nike’s brand.

Do I want advertisements on jerseys? Not really. I’d be interested in seeing how these advertisements are incorporated into Basketball Related Income (BRI) in the next collective bargaining agreement. Will the revenue the StubHub ad generates be shared amongst the entire pie of all NBA players and owners in BRI, or will just the Sixers and their players pocket the money coming from it since they’re the only ones wearing them?

The way the advertisement affects the players’ union and BRI is much more pertinent of discussion than arguing about the aesthetics of the advertisement, at least to a CBA nerd like me.

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