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Philadelphia 76ers and Liberty Ballers Team Up for Ticket Drive to Benefit Boys & Girls Club

For every ticket you buy with the Liberty Ballers discount code, the Sixers will donate a ticket to the local Boys & Girls Club chapter.

NBA: Phoenix Suns at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Earlier this month, turned eight years old.

Since I became involved with the site in 2013, I’ve enjoyed seeing the website evolve into the primary voice for the Sixers faithful, and the large, tight-knit community that has been built because of our role in the fanbase. Over the past three years, we’ve helped put together three wildly successful draft lottery parties, and linked up for a Sixers game where 15,000 other people listened to us yell “Trust The Process”, whether they liked it or not.

Simply put, Liberty Ballers readers are the best, and I’m positive they’ll continue to display that as we channel our efforts over the next five weeks to give back to the community.

As of this morning, the Philadelphia 76ers and Liberty Ballers have teamed up for their first ever ticket drive, which will benefit the local Boys & Girls Club chapter. For every ticket purchased for a Sixers game using our promo code, the organization has agreed to match that total with tickets to a future game to be donated to the Boys and Girls Club.

Here’s how it works:

  • Go to and type in the promo code “LIBERTYBALLERS”
  • Choose from any of the five available home games which includes: the Toronto Raptors on December 14th, Los Angeles Lakers on December 16th, Brooklyn Nets on December 18th, New Orleans Pelicans on December 20th, and Minnesota Timberwolves on January 3rd. (Make sure you buy the tickets prior to the date of the game, as the promo may no longer apply on the day of.)
  • You’ll have access to all available inventory, and there’s a discount too. Liberty Ballers readers will be able to buy single tickets at the group ticket rate, and pay only $2 per ticket in fees as opposed to the normal 14 percent.
  • Hit purchase, and you just helped send a member of the Boys and Girls Club to a Sixers game for free.

If you’re still looking for a holiday gift for the Sixers fan in your family, or just want to be a really good person, then support our ticket drive.

We would love to send at least 100 kids to a game, and hopefully mold them into lifelong Process trusters. Thank you in advance for helping to make that possible.

(H/T to Bright Side of the Sun, who provided the inspiration for this.)

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