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Jerry Colangelo Steps Down as USA Basketball Chairman

Colangelo sure loves giving up chairman positions.

NBA: San Antonio Spurs at Philadelphia 76ers Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Jerry Colangelo will no longer be the Chairman of USA Basketball, per a press release from the team itself this afternoon. Colangelo will remain as the organization’s Managing Director despite stepping down from the loftier title. Wow, when has Jerry Colangelo last became the chairman of an organization only to later step down and accept a smaller role? I just can’t remember!

The USA Basketball Board of Directors will elect a new chairman on November 14. This is quite the changing of the guard, as Gregg Popovich is now the head coach of Team USA after replacing Mike Krzyzewski following this summer’s Olympic Games in Rio. Here’s what Colangelo had to say regarding his transition:

Given the coaching change and the challenge of assembling a group of players for FIBA’s new competition schedule, this is a good time to devote my full attention to the Men’s National Team. As Chairman of USA Basketball, I’m proud of what our teams at all levels have accomplished and how our players have embraced the responsibility of representing their country. I look forward to working with the next Chairman to ensure that we continue to honor and build on USA Basketball’s rich tradition.

While Colangelo only has the title of Special Adviser to the Managing Partner of the 76ers currently, I’m not so quick to write off that Colangelo could still use his family’s illuminati magic to steer some of the blue chippers that play for Team USA to the Sixers in free agency. His shadow still looms large around the organization and he’ll still have a say in building the player pool of talent that the United States selects from as they build towards future World Championship and Olympic squads through 2020.

The plot thickens for Colangelo and his son Bryan. What organization will Ol’ Jerry stage a takeover next?

I could see someone like Jim Boeheim, who has already been involved with Team USA for sometime, or some other Duke-connected crony taking over Colangelo’s position. I do know of a professional snowboarder currently living in California who would also be perfect for the job...

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