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Watch Sixers players recite lines from ‘Rocky’ characters

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The international cast takes a shot at reciting lines from the iconic (but fake) Philly boxer.

Tonight is Rocky Night at The Center in South Philadelphia. The Sixers have a lot of players from around the world whose first impression of Philadelphia may very well have come from watching Rocky.

Don’t take my word for it — you should watch the team try to replicate iconic lines from the Rocky series, courtesy of the Sixers’ team account:

A few notes:

  • Keeping Jahlil Okafor in the shadowboxing portion of the reel ranks high on the unintentional comedy scale
  • Dario Saric singing ‘Eye of the Tiger’ could melt the heart of even the most cynical Sixers fan
  • Joel Embiid does not have a future in doing impersonations for a living
  • Somehow Sergio Rodriguez’s “Adrian” made him sound like he has a French accent

There were some real missed opportunities here — not asking Saric to get his Ivan Drago, “I will break you” on is inexcusable — and I would have especially liked to see Brett Brown attempt a few of these in his Bostralian accent.

Here’s hoping the Sixers show some fight against the Wizards later tonight.