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Watch Joel Embiid make 10 consecutive threes at Sixers practice

A slice of hope during a down weekend for Sixers fans.

Sixers fans were hit hard by bad news over the weekend. The saga of Ben Simmons’ broken foot took a quick turn towards devastation, so a dose of Joel Embiid workout tape is needed to cleanse the palate.

Courtesy of our friend Rich Hofmann, here’s Embiid knocking down 10 straight three-point jumpers at today’s practice:

Watching pro ballers knock down practice jumpers is usually misleading — even brick-layers can get going in a no-pressure setting — but it’s hard to downplay the prospect of Embiid with three-point range. Having a big man who can work defenders in the post and drag rim-protectors to the perimeter is the stuff dreams are made of.

Lineup combinations are an important subject to monitor heading into this season, and Embiid’s offensive versatility will make them easier to set up for Brett Brown.

Can you believe you’ll be watching him play for real in just two days? The wait is almost over.

[h/t @rich_hofmann]

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