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Sixers Wins, Sixers Dads, and What's Wrong With Robert Covington

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The Sixers may have lost by a thousand to the Clippers again -- in front of me, again -- but this week's Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast remains in good spirits thanks to a big win against the Sacramento Pickswaps.

Other topics touched on by the Ricky boys:

  • NBA parents! Specifically Jahlil's dad and Kendall Marshall's dad. Sixers seem to attract a ton of them. Philly does too, in general. Why parents of pro athletes feel the need to have a social media presence is beyond me. Stick to Wilma McNabb's soup commercials.
  • Our concerns about Bob Covington. I'm more worried than Spike. He looks really slow and bad out there.
  • Why Spike is wrong about Isaiah Canaan.
  • Ish Smith shooting more than Ish Smith should shoot.
  • The Hollis Thompson Hour
  • If DeMarcus Cousins would be a good fit as the James Harden Trade for Sam Hinkie's Sixers.
  • The JaKarr Sampson Hour
  • Man, Joel Embiid... I mean. Hoo boy. Someday. Etcetera.

Listen to this week's podcast below. And if you missed last week's LIVE RICKY, listen to that here. In-studio ones are always my favorites.

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