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Sam Hinkie Gives Update On New Practice Facility

Sam Hinkie spoke to USAToday about the Sixers new practice facility expected to open in August.

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Outside of a series of great fanposts from LB commenter SamuelWinkie, we haven't heard too much publicly about the ongoing construction of the Philadelphia 76ers $80 million practice facility until Tuesday morning.

USAToday's Jeff Zillgitt spoke to Sixers general manager Sam Hinkie about the Sixers new gym on the Camden waterfront that is currently scheduled to open in August 2016. From Zillgitt's article:

Teams put significant thought into these buildings. Hinkie visited more than a dozen college and NBA facilities, soccer centers in Europe, including the training facilities for Manchester United and Manchester City in England, the United State Olympic Committee complex in Colorado Springs and the Australian and Austrian institutes for sport.

"Often they’re trying different things," Hinkie said.

He combined some of what the best places offered. The Sixers will have two full courts, 10 baskets including spacious three-point room at six baskets; hydrotherapy room with a lap pool and large hot and cold tubs; weight and training rooms.

Hinkie has taken a special interest in sports science and the future of training.

"There’ll be less and less running on hardwood floors and more and more how do you train your lungs and heart and the like without putting as much pressure on your joints and the water is a big part of that," he said.

Hinkie has been known for being a tireless worker in the scouting department, but his hankering to travel the globe to help mold a top line practice facility is rather impressive in my eyes. On a lesser note, it might also show that he's still in good standing with the organization, something that has come into question since the hiring of Jerry Colangelo.

In terms of the facility itself, the amenities sound like quite the upgrade from what PCOM has to offer. The USAToday article also has a nice sketch of what the place is expected to look like once construction is complete (the giant 76ers logo sign is a nice touch).

This is expected to be a big summer for the organization as they begin to move away from the rebuilding process, and upcoming free agents will certainly be keeping an eye on the team's young core, as well as their brand new practice facility.

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