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Sixers-Blazers Preview: #NBAVote

At the halfway point of the season, the Sixers are mathematically on pace to be the worst team in NBA history. Here's a case for every player on the team to be an All-Star.

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Monday marks the last day for votes to be cast for the annual NBA All-Star Game, which Sixers fans may recognize as another part of Rookie/Sophomore Game Weekend where the league does something nice for veterans by creating a game that players with more than two years of NBA service are allowed to play.

For reasons that should be obvious by now, the Sixers have not had a representative in this game since 2013, when Jrue Holiday was selected to his first (and currently only) All-Star game. In the last ten all-star games, the Sixers have had three selections in Holiday, Andre Iguodala, and an Allen Iverson selection during his 25-game return tour that would not exactly be described as a merit-based selection.

But, the time has come for the Sixers to return to the All-Star game. They can only send half the roster to the Rookie/Sophomore game for so long. It's time for the Sixers to WIN (the fan vote) NOW.

So, here's some brief, Twitter-friendly reasons why you should send your favorite Sixers to the big game. Feel free to copy and paste these into your tweets.

Ish Smith #NBAVote - Not only an All-Star, but an MVP candidate. Did you watch a Sixers game pre-Ish?

Jahlil Okafor #NBAVote - Averages 17 points a game and punched out a Celtics fan.

Nerlens Noel #NBAVote - Note: Can not play in the All-Star game unless Ish plays as well.

Jerami Grant #NBAVote - Will try to dunk on literally everyone in the game regardless of size or legendary status.

Carl Landry #NBAVote - Despite being a game of veterans, you need guys around to teach these All-Stars the right way to play.

Robert Covington #NBAVote - He played well Thursday. He's back!

Jakarr Sampson #NBAVote - Finally gives him an opportunity to play on the same team as Lebron.

TJ McConnell #NBAVote - He will be the only player in All-Star history who refuses to shoot for an entire game.

Richaun Holmes #NBAVote - Every all-star game needs a dunk guy.

Kendall Marshall #NBAVote - Man, once Kendall Marshall gets to play in the All-Star game, that's when everything changes!

Nik Stauskas #NBAVote - Actually, he's just starting to get his confidence back, this probably isn't a good idea.

Hollis Thompson #NBAVote or Isaiah Canaan #NBAVote - Nope.

Elton Brand #NBAVote - If Kobe gets to go, so does Elton.


Speaking of which, with only a few hours to tipoff, you should take this opportunity to listen to this week's edition of the Golden Globe-award winning* Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast. This week, Mike and Spike talk about apples!

*Golden Globe report unconfirmed

Once you're done with that, it'll almost be time for the Sixers to square off with the 18-24 Portland Trail Blazers. Tip's at 7:30 p.m. on CSN Philly. See you then.

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