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Sixers-Cavs Preview & Game Thread

They'll probably lose

Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports

If you're watching this game, you are a truly dedicated Sixers' fan. There about 150 better things to do this evening than watch the Sixers lose to the Cavs for the fourth time this season, but if you're into this type of masochism, my hat is off to you.

The Cavs come into an unseasonably balmy Philadelphia having won their last six games, and twelve out of their last fourteen. They look every bit like the juggernaut of the Eastern Conference they were projected to be before the season, and they should make short work of this Sixers team. In fact, it feels like so much of a foregone conclusion that eminent basketball minds are calling for LeBron to sit this game out, as a means of rest and preparation for the playoff bloodbath sure to be in his future.

Kyrie Irving looks to finally have played his way back into fitness following his scary injury in the Finals last June. The Cavs' offense is humming, scoring 120 points or more in their last three games. Given the Sixers' leaky D so far this year, it wouldn't be unreasonable to expect a fourth straight game above that benchmark.

For the Sixers, this presents another opportunity for Robert Covington to play himself back into the lineup. He hit a few 3's against the Raptors last night, so perhaps he'll be back on track if he sinks a few more. It would be wonderful to have him back as a plus player on both sides of the ball.

I'll be watching to see if Okafor can keep up his energy on the defensive side of the ball tonight as well. He showed more effort on D last night, and it is the single most important aspect of his development as a player. Hopefully he can keep it up.

See y'all in the comments.

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