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Sixers Training Camp: Nerlens Noel Showing Off Improved Jumper?

There's not a whole lot of change, but Noel's jumper looks smooth.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Sixers training camp kicked off today from Stockton University. Here's what stood out to me, based off of what the reporters saw down in Galloway, New Jersey.

Nerlens Noel's (not really) New Look Jumper

We heard back in August from Keith Pompey that Noel was looking to make some changes to his jump shot, and today we got a short glimpse of it.

There's some subtle differences to his jumper, but for the most part his form is basically the same. What I do like is how fluid and comfortable he looks shooting the ball now. Mechanically, his release looks a little more compact. Take a look at Nerlens' jumper from January, where he basically launches the ball from behind his head, in comparison to now.

nerlens old

At least now he's releasing from in front of his face. It's not substantial progress, but it's a good sign for future growth.

Brett Brown Wants What?

That's pretty ambitious, coach. I'd like to see wake up and see one million dollars in my bank account, but that's not realistic. If Noel can extend his range out that far, then he and Okafor will work like an absolute charm offensively. It's really unlikely they're able to work that well together initially, but I'm intrigued to see Nerlens get the green light to shoot from that far out.

Christian Wood Shows Off Athleticism

I don't care how tall you are, that's really damn high. Unless it's the smaller painted square above the rim, which would be just a little bit less impressive.

christian wood 2

We're going to need some clarification on that one.

Wood's doing his best to make the roster as the sixth big man, and crazy feats of athleticism are a good way to standout. We'll see if this translates to actual game play.

The Sixers open preseason action against the Washington Wizards on October 6.

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