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30 Days Till Sixers: The Best Of Media Day - Furkan Aldemir, or Bruce Wayne?

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

Media day is a lot of things. It's a time for new players and local media members to begin a working relationship that may last days, months, or years. It's time to unveil rosters and give local fans chances to meet the new guys. It's a chance to generate buzz and make big promises. But most importantly, it's a time for weird pictures. Here, we spotlight the best (and worst) of those.

If Furkan is Batman, who is Robin?

Furkan Aldemir is hilarious in his own right, but local media were quick to ask about Dario Saric, presumed good buddy (they share an agent), because they're both Eastern Europeans. Except not actually because Aldemir is from Turkish province of Izmir, which is in Asia.

Aldemir also spilled on Dario Saric, as captured by the crowd at Media Day:

Crimes against Humanity and Spongebob

JaKarr Sampson is, like, 93% less endearing without the 'do. Come on JaKarr! Why would you do something like that? The only thing that could redeem this if you came back with actual point guard skills!

We all should take more pictures with dogs

I want more happy pictures of Sixers with Franklin.

Jerami Grant doesn't have time for "earthly" things


I think this could be a beautiful friendship

The reasons behind Joel Embiid having enough downtime to be a video game champion set aside, I can only imagine how hilarious, and how sore of a winner, Embiid can playing video games against his teammates. He's probably spent more time playing FIFA than I have writing for this site, cumulatively. But a Joel Embiid-Kendall Marshall best friends series will make me happier than almost anything else in the world can.

Even Jim Mora thinks this is ridiculous

I love preseason optimism.

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