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Rights To Ricky Sanchez: The Eagles Didn't Play This Weekend, All We Have Is Podcast

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Spike and Mike recorded this Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast a few hours before the Eagles game -- which ended up not being played -- so pardon any extracurricular football talk interspersed in and around there.

What the hell is this roster gonna look like. We keep touching on it -- Jake, Sean -- and everyone's got a different handle on it. There are too many men, and not enough Sixers jerseys. Remember Carl Landry and Gerald Wallace are on this team? God. What's gonna happen with Tokoto and McRae? Where the hell is T.J. McConnell? Is Ish Smith's jersey retired yet? So much to sift through. As I said in the podcast, I think there are still some moves and/or shakes to make outside of the present crop of bodies. Hinkie's gonna pounce on somebody's trash. I'm just hoping we get a full few years of skinnyfat Christian Wood Sevens Development to keep tabs on.

Dario Saric was another point of controversy on this week's Ricky. I just can't wrap my head around him being an integral piece, due to his lack of speed and athleticism. He's a funner, power forwardy Evan Turner to me. That's an NBA player, but it's not what I think we're collectively hoping for. It makes me so sad because I love his personality and his missing teeth but I just don't buy him as a long-term part of this Sixers core. My guess is that he gets moved before he ever plays a game here. Pelt me with rocks.

There was also some Moses Malone talk -- hate that I didn't live through his prime -- some Sixers Social Media Vacancy talk, and insight into the back of Spike's falcon head.

And finally, even though I know this thread will turn into a discussion about this, one word about the Eagles game that didn't happen. Dear god was that the worst three hours I've ever spent on anything. Offenses shouldn't look that confused. Toddlers sitting through a metaphysics class shouldn't look that confused. The line wasn't blocking anything. Bradford was doing them no favors by taking an eternity to make his decisions. The receivers weren't doing him any favors by refusing to get open. And the playcalling wasn't doing them any favors by sending the wideouts on majestically slow routes. Something's gotta happen. It's two games in, it is wildly fixable, and I remain optimistic that it will get better than this, but something's gotta happen. It's your team, Chip. If you can't win the NFC East this year, maybe consider a move to the Atlantic Division.

Anyway, podcast below. Sixers so soon.

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