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Let's Talk About's Sixers Roster Page

No - I'm not a Sixer. Why would you say that?
No - I'm not a Sixer. Why would you say that?
Boris Streubel/Getty Images staffers, and not the 76ers, update the team's roster page that appears on This is an important distinction - because the Sixers and their web team are very good at helping you get to know their players. They'll make you love Furkan Aldemir, keep you updated on all the international prospects with their transatlantic tracker, get a vine of Betsy Ross doing the Nae Nae, and work well to excite people about the team.

Meanwhile, the NBA would probably rather you forget the team exists, or at the very least make you turn away from it. I'm sure that's not the intention of the dot com in their current listed Sixers roster - there's only incompetence I suspect - but I implore you to look at the roster below and just guffaw:

Where do we even start?

Most non-Sixers fans would respond by calling it a tire fire or something like that. But even given that reality of the Sixers' state, it's also very outdated and hilariously inaccurate. Given that they shouldn't be listing players like Scottie Wilbekin, whose signing hasn't been officially announced, it still has so many other problems.

- Furkan Aldemir played 41 games with the Sixers last year! How does he not have a picture?

- As Derek Bodner has succinctly pointed out, Guillermo (Willy) Hernangomez is (a) signed to a contract with Real Madrid for next season and (b) does not even have his rights held by the 76ers, rather by the Knicks, the team he was traded to on draft night. Unfortunately, that slip-up, along with an assumed editor error, helped this make the Daily News report on the team's training camp roster.

- A lot of effort was made to photoshop new jersey schemes, but it looks like Microsoft Paint gone wrong, right?

Isaiah Canaan hasn't taken a roster picture with the 76ers, but he has the hastily photoshopped look like the rest of the guys who ended last year on the team. Robert Covington I think also doesn't have a Sixers roster picture yet. Meanwhile, the same effort wasn't used for Nik Stauskas and Carl Landry.

- Gerald Wallace is wearing a green headband, but I'm kind of disappointed no one thought to put him in a Sixers jersey anyway.

- The Sixers have issued press releases on the signings of Pierre Jackson and Kendall Marshall. Neither even gets a mention on the page.

I get that it's the summer, and that few people generally care about what the team's roster looks like at any given time. But now is a time wherewith less than two weeks until camp breaks, the NBA's site team could do a better job at updating pages people might be interested in.

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