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Report: Sixers "Expressed Interest" In J.R. Smith

It's going to be a long month.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Summer league is in the books now and free agency has slowed its roll, so it's only fitting that August is almost exclusively set aside for J.R. Smith rumors. According to Sam Amico of Fox Sports Ohio, the Sixers showed some interest in the 29 year-old journeyman gunner.

This wouldn't make much sense at all. The Sixers have a wealth of young wings they'd love to continue giving strong looks at, and with Nik Stauskas now in the fold as well, I don't see where Smith would fit in. He could be a floor-spacing, stat-stuffing rental to flip to a contender at the deadline, but he already had a nice supporting role on the contender last season. I'm not so sure either side has enough to benefit from this for it to be a worthwhile match.

Smith had a player option for this upcoming season that he opted out of, likely in the hopes of landing a long-term commitment before the cap explodes next summer. The market certainly isn't what he (and/or his agent) thought it'd be, but I'd guess he'll still be back with the Cavaliers on a one-year deal plus a player option if he doesn't get the long-term lock he's searching for. It's possible the money he's asking for is just giving Cleveland some pause, as it appears they'll already be eyes-deep in luxury tax bills next year.

August is a slog. Don't get too caught up in pipe dreams (nightmares?) like this one, all pun intended.

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