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Ricky: The Jason Thompson Trade, Pick Swaps Forever, and the Joel Embiid Injury Conspiracy Redux

come on while I wreck it

Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

Didn't have time to post this over the weekend, but me and Spike did a Ricky. It was, I think, a good one. Jason Thompson got traded, Joel Embiid hasn't gone under the knife yet, and there were diss raps.

We've finally entered the August-Septemberness of the NBA year and it's gonna get deadish. Spending 20 minutes talking about the value of a Golden State Warriors pick swap is just how

Also there's a good deal of Phillies talk, so sorry if you hate that but the Phillies are the 2013 Sixers so get back in on the ground floor if you haven't already. Things will brighten up quicker for them once they throw some money at free agents. Read our sisters at The Good Phight, who we love.

I went to Adidas Nations basketball camp yesterday, so check my Twitter for updates on college kids I like (WILTJER!) and keep an eye out for my fully story on SB Nation dot com in a few days.

And finally:

One day, we will all be Ricky Sanchez.

Listen to the podcast below. Go PickSwaps.

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