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Lil B Accepts Offer to Try Out With Delaware 87ers

Rapper Lil' B has accepted an invitation to try out for the Delaware 87ers, the Philadelphia 76ers' entry in the NBA Development League. #TYBG

Will Lil B make the Delaware 87ers' final roster?
Will Lil B make the Delaware 87ers' final roster?
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

So... this exchange happened earlier today on Twitter:

For the 97 percent of you who aren't quite sure why this is newsworthy, Lil B (born Brandon Christopher McCartney) is a Bay Area rapper who has achieved a fair amount of notoriety for his exploits both inside and outside of the recording studio.

Lil B (and/or his alter ego, The BasedGod) "cursed" Oklahoma City Thunder star Kevin Durant four years ago after the latter tweeted that he didn't understand how the rapper had become so popular (Lil B has 1.16 million Twitter followers). And just this past season, the "Based God Curse" was placed on James Harden after the Houston Rockets' guard used Lil B's "cooking dance" without giving The BasedGod the proper credit.

This past May, Lil B (and/or his alter ego, The BasedGod) attended Game 5 of the Western Conference Finals between the Rockets and the Golden State Warriors. In the game (which the Warriors won 104-90, closing out the series 4 games to 1), James Harden shot 2-for-11 and committed 13 turnovers.

All things considered, it's probably best to stay on the good side of Lil B (and/or his alter ego, The BasedGod). After all, he has written a book. He has given lectures at NYU, MIT and Carnegie Mellon. And now, he wants to try out for the Delaware 87ers.

This isn't Lil B's first foray with the D-League: Back in 2012, the 5'10" rapper tried out for the Santa Cruz Warriors, and by all accounts, he was a "total team player."

As with most any personnel decision involving the Sixers, there are those who are in favor of the move:

And there are those who oppose it:

Let the record show that three years after Lil B (and/or his alter ego, The BasedGod) tried out for Santa Cruz, their parent team - Golden State - won the NBA title.

By the way, you can take your shot at joining the 87ers and/or meet Lil B as well: For $150, you can take part in the team's open tryout on September 19 at the New Castle Police Athletic League in New Castle, DE. For what it's worth, three players from the Sevens' 2014-15 opening day roster - Jay Bowie, Rahlir Hollis-Jefferson and Victor Rudd - all participated in the team's open tryout last year.

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