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Road to Recovery Again, Joel Embiid Undergoes Second Surgery

Get well soon, Joel.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

After weeks of radio-silence and speculation, Joel Embiid finally went under the knife for the second straight year to fix his foot/navicular bone. Today, following his surgery, Joel had this to share on social media:

It's been a long and trying year for JoJo and this latest saga was no different. When news hit back in June that something was wrong, this was definitely the darkest timeline. The organization's lack of communication didn't help any, as outside Sam Hinkie's announcement during summer league, they left the media and fans to their own devices... which is never fun.

After more than a month since that announcement, most wondered what was occurring or why Embiid hadn't undergone this second procedure. Thankfully, a few updates in recent days got us by as first, John Gonzalez reported that there was a scheduled surgery in the 'near future', and then Marc J. Spears reporting that it would occur on Tuesday.

This second procedure is reportedly a bone graft, reportedly similar to the one Kevin Durant underwent last year for his Jones fracture, according to Spears. To put it simply, since Embiid's navicular bone hasn't healed as properly as wanted, needed or expected, a surgeon will be cutting into the affected area and placing a graft of healthy bone in it to facilitate healing. This graft will then be held in place by screws, pins or plates as it heals.

As reported previously, Embiid will be out for the next year and will be on the road to recovery once more. Let's hope that this time around, he will come off that path healthy and ready to go for 2016. Get well soon.

UPDATE: The team issued a press release.

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