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Joel Embiid Delaying Foot Surgery, Seeks Advice from Kevin Durant

The Embiid Surgery Saga: As confusing as True Detective Season 2

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The Sixers' delay in making a further announcement about a second foot surgery for Joel Embiid appears to be Embiid himself, per friend of the site, CSN Philly's John Gonzalez. Gonzo notes that Embiid still hasn't had another surgery on that broken right navicular despite the Inquirer's Keith Pompey's report from July 12 that the Cameroon native would miss his second-consecutive season and have the procedure "seven to 10 days" from that announcement.

It's been almost a month to that day and the Sixers' haven't said anything more about Embiid's status going forward, nor has he actually had that surgery. Here's what Gonzo wrote on Embiid's impending decision:

The holdup has led to speculation in the media. When asked about the delay, one source said it was partly because Embiid -- who is 21 and who, according to president/general manager Sam Hinkie, has been pain-free -- was coming to terms with the decision. The source indicated that Embiid and his confidants wanted more time to review the matter and select a doctor. A doctor has been chosen, though the source declined to provide that information.

The source said Embiid also reached out to Oklahoma City’s Kevin Durant. The Thunder starunderwent a bone graft on his right foot in late March. That surgery was performed at the Hospital for Special Surgery in New York City, home to one of at least 12 doctors the Sixers and Embiid have so far consulted about Embiid’s hyper-complicated situation.

Apprehension from Embiid on making a career-altering move to opt for another surgery is certainly understandable. While he's not a medical profession himself, the rehabilitation process he's gone through since his freshman season at Kansas likely has been exhausting for a young man, just 21 years old like myself, going through a major transition in his life. The thought of throwing away another season in his young career is probably hard to swallow for a player who just wants to get out on the court.

Continuing to be cautious, however, would seem to be the best play for Embiid's longterm prospects. Talking with a player of Kevin Durant's skill and renown hopefully provided some clarity for Embiid as he goes through with his decision, a move Gonzo reports as coming "in the near future." Until that point, Embiid will weigh his decision more heavily than even the Philadelphia media and fans could.

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