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Utah Summer League: Sixers vs. Spurs Game Thread

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A Sixers top pick debuts less than a year after being drafted for the first time since.....well ever, basically.

Bob Donnan-USA TODAY Sports

Andrew Bynum, Nerlens Noel, Joel Embiid. Philly acquired each of them - two through the draft, one via trade, and for at least a year, each of them sat at the end of the team's bench and watched his teammates play. Fans clamored, media intruded on state-held petri dish secrets and bloggers blogged about bloggy things like flamenco dancing and vines of mind-numbing pre-game warmup dunks. Yet, despite that this all happened over the course of three years and two philosophically juxtaposed regimes, the clamoring from an otherwise impressively patient faction of the fan base never wavered during each player's first season in Philadelphia.

One never played, one's future is unclear and one's future looks incredibly bright. But the one thing we know for sure about Jahlil Okafor is that fans don't have to wait through a mirage of Adonis Thomas dribble-drives or Tim Frazier fast breaks to wait for him.

Regardless of who's still on the team come November, or come 2016, 2020 and so on, a young tall person is suiting up for the Sixers less than two weeks after being drafted. And it's happening tonight. That feels refreshing to say.

Exhibition basketball in Salt Lake City, which is a whole lot more exciting than it sounds. McConnell, McRae, Grant, Aldemir, Jah Rule is your starting five. Go nuts in the comments below.