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Sixers Free Agency Rumor Thread: *Crickets*

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Happy July 4th! Let's sign no one.

Craig Mitchelldyer, Craig Mitchelldyer-USA TODAY Sports

I trust you're all watching Brandon Davies dominate the Orlando Summer League (remember when I sort of convinced you why he HAD to make the team?) and ramming hot dogs in your mouth. Just taking a quick break to give y'all an update on NBA Free Agency and what the Sixers have been doing. First, the Sixers:


OK, probably not, because #HinkieDon'tSleep, but the Sixers are wildly out of the running for every free agent thus far. They're like the smallest kid at Thanksgiving dinner who gets boxed out by all his older cousins at the buffet and is left with only canned cranberry sauce and Ish Smith. Also this:

So yeah, we'll wait a couple more days/months/years before the Sixers make any pebble-sized free agent splash, but I haven't stopped hugging my life-sized stuffed Nik Stauskas yet, so I'm still good. Onto a few other things:

LaMarcus Aldridge signed with the Spurs. The Spurs are good. I don't really love LMA, in that I think he's aging quickly, slowing quickly, and his 30s will look more Carlos Boozer-esque than most people are assuming. But now that he's with the Spurs, I take back everything I've ever said, he's just gonna be Tim Duncan for a decade. Hooray for San Antonio, those guys have really had a tough few decades, they deserve this. Fart noise.

Bismack Biyombo goes to Toronto for 2 years. Fun! I hope the Raptors push for a 2-seed this year.

Former Sixer Jeremy Lin is flirting with the Mavericks. That could be cool, but in yesterday's Rights To Ricky Sanchez, me and Spike laid some pipe for him coming to Philly and tossing lobs to everybody. David West may sign with the Cavs, or the Spurs, or the Warriors. Chase that ring, bro.

CJ Watson signed with Orlando. A good signing in that he'll backup Elfrid Payton and hit threes, but man, I don't know what the future looks like for that team. Elfrid-Oladipo-Hezonja-Tobias-Vucevic? With Aaron Gordon not getting playing time, Channing Frye signed for a while, Moe Harkless dead somewhere, Watson, Fournier, and Nicholson off the bench... I mean it's a lot of players I sort of like, but what's that team top out at? Six seed? I guess they're young and fun, maybe I should get on board more. Oh wait Scott Skiles is coaching them nevermind bye guys!

Knicks signed some people. I liked what they did until Derrick Williams. Two years is two years, but I see no upside to that signing. He made a career off that one Arizona-Duke game where he had like 85 dunks, and has done nothing since. Weird signing for Phil Jackson. Maybe they'll win 30 games this year? Go Knicks.

Kings brought in Rondo and Belinelli. Cap space! Vivek! Vlade! There's no shot in hell they're making the playoffs in the West, but I could mayyyyyybe see them pushing the 10th spot. Very unlikely though, I'm assuming about 28 wins and a highly non-zero chance of jumping into that top three and cashing in on the pick swaps right away. Marc wrote about the trade and the pick possibilities here. Oh, Kings.

Onto the Lakers pick, people are now showing concern about that landing in the top three and not conveying for another year. I would say sit tight on that. That organization is hell bent on not sucking too hard again. They'll land some people and it'll be scrotum-tightening on Lottery Night, but that team's not gonna finish in the bottom three record-wise. Team Chill.

Stick here for all your Cory Joseph updates. Here are SBN's (slightly outdated) top free agents still available. We'll get a fake ID in a year or two.