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76 Reasons Why The 76ers Are The Most American Team In Sports

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On the 239th anniversary of the country's declaration of independence from Britannia, we list 76 reasons why the 76ers are the most American team. It might be a bit of a stretch.

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

1. The 76ers are named not after any tangible thing other than the year 1776, the year America declared its independence.

2. While usually referred to as Sixers in short, that also invokes a very American thing: shortening things to make them easier to convey!

3. Keeping with the American theme, the team's colors are red, white, and blue. Again, because Philadelphia and America.

4. Just forget that whole time period when those weren't our colors.

5. Telling people to forget things conveniently: very American.

6. This tastefully named site is called Liberty Ballers. LIBERTY! And it kinda sorta is an invocation of the team itself.

7. Tanking is also liberating. Liberation = America. Tanking = America. Sixers = America.

8. Jahlil Okafor is American. So is Sam Hinkie.

9. The team employed Spencer Hawes once. He's very, very American.

10. Proof

11. More proof

12. Even more proof

13. Giving undrafted guys an opportunity to play that no other team can offer is like the NBA's version of the American Dream.

14. Exhibit 1: JaKarr Sampson

15. It's very American to take advantage of a business that has no idea what it's doing for your own personal gain. See the Sacramento Kings trade from like three days ago.

16. Nik Stauskas is not American, but Jason Thompson and Carl Landry are. And there's like a 30% chance our future second round picks will be American, too.

17. In 1976, the year of the United States' bicentennial celebration, the 76ers acquired Julius Erving from the Nets, previously of the ABA.

18. The ABA basketball was red, white, and blue. Not very Sixers-related, but very American.

19. Additionally, the Sixers only got him because the Nets needed to sell his rights in order to join the NBA and not go under. Business is very American.

20. Once gave Kwame Brown a contract as part of a charitable effort.

21. The Sixers moved to Philadelphia from Syracuse, NY, and were formerly called the Nationals. The Nationals are now a baseball team based in Washington D.C., capital of the United States. Those are both American.

22. Once employed Franklin Edwards, whose first name is Ben Franklin's last name. Ben Franklin is super-American.

23. The team's new mascot is named after Ben Franklin.

24. The former mascot, Hip-Hop was not very American. But Franklin the Dog is!

25. So is Ballin' Ben Frankin, our alternate logo. No alternate logo is as American as that.

26. The Sixers drafted Charles Barkley in 1984 with a first round pick in the NBA Draft, despite his attempt to gain weight to dissuade the team from drafting him. The professional sporting draft system is a very American thing.

27. Charles Barkley was a 76er while on the Dream Team, when America dominated everyone else at basketball to win a gold medal in the 1992 Olympics.

28. The organization refuses to call its home arena by its name because the sponsor of the home arena refuses to sponsor a team that's not remotely interested in winning. Those things are both very capitalist, and America is Capitalism.

29. Former Sixers coach, player, general manager, and serial texter Doug Collins was on the 1972 Olympic team robbed of a gold medal by officials against the Soviet Union. He refuses his silver medal. Refusing mediocrity is not very Sixersy, historically, especially when referring to Doug Collins, but it is vaguely American.

30. Our D-League team is called the Delaware 87ers, because Delaware became the first state... in America... in 1787.

31. Employed Craig Brackins once. Craig Brackins is an American.

32. The team celebrates summer league championships. Trophies for everyone is a new-age American thing.

33. The Sixers unveiled a series of new jerseys a few weeks back - the color scheme remains red, white, and blue.

34. The jerseys include 13 stars, which represent the 13 original colonies of the United States.

35. Additionally, there are seven stars on one side, six on the other. 76.

36. Interstate 76 is the route taken to Sixers games by a decent number of fans. Did you know that there are two different Interstate 76's?

37. The other one is in Nebraska, the heartland of America.

38. Here's another very American picture of Spencer Hawes

39. In the 1993 NBA Draft, the 76ers selected Shawn Bradley, who stands at seven feet, six inches tall. Again with the devotion to the number 1776.

40. Bradley wore number 76 during his entire tenure in Philadelphia, which was largely forgettable.

41. Bradley is the only person to ever wear number 76 for an NBA team during a regular season game. Someone should change that, because that number should be revered, and Shawn Bradley sucked.

42. Sixers fans complained, for some reason, about the team relocating its practice facility to Camden, NJ. The majority of Sixers fans are located outside the city limits of Philadelphia but claim to be from the city. It's a very Philadelphian and American thing.

43. The only reason for the relocation was a ridiculous amount of tax credits. Tax credits are so, so American.

44. Camden as a city deteriorated like many American cities in the mid-1900s. The tax credits are being issued in the hope of spurring a city revival.

45. Mike Gminski

46. The 76ers have a great/corny theme song.

47. That theme song has very little to do with anything the 76ers have done, but it is catchy, so people like it, which feels American to me.

48. Our site's logo is a riff of the Liberty Bell. I'm running short on ideas. How the heck am I going to get to 76?

49. The team's new logo is circular and features the team's name and city encompassed within a circle.

50. No, Nets Daily, the logo is not a riff of the Brooklyn logo. The NBA requires teams to do this now, and the Golden State Warriors did it before you did, anyway.

51. Reminder: the Nets only exist because the Sixers gave them a ton of money.

52. The 76ers logo is better than the Nets' anyway.

53. I mentioned the Sixers being the NBA's version of the American Dream. Exhibit 2 is Brandon Davies. He played for an NBA team for over a full season!

54. Each home game, the Sixers have a riff of the old Milwaukee Brewers sausage race, featuring Betsy Ross.

55. Betsy Ross designed the American flag. Okay, maybe she didn't. But she's given that credit! America!

56. Betsy Ross's house still stands in Philadelphia, where she totally didn't design that flag.

57. Here's that Sixers pseudo-mascot Betsy Ross doing the NaeNae.

58. God, this organization is so weird.

59. Like Betsy Ross, whose creation story was probably used as a form of propaganda, the Sixers sell hope through vague future promises to fans!

60. Like Americans, the Sixers fans are totally buying it. We trust the process.

61. Since Sam Hinkie became team president in 2013, the team has employed at least 76 players in various forms, including regular season, training camp, and summer league.

62. I'm not sure you get more American than Jahlil Okafor wearing a Julius Erving jersey and taking selfies with fans around the city.

63. The 76ers announced the trade for Andrew Bynum and Jason Richardson at the Constitution Center in Philadelphia.

64. Like most American celebrations, it was a circus.

65. Like most big American promises, Andrew Bynum never came to fruition.

66. Allen Iverson - very American.

67. That Olympic team with Iverson was a disaster. Fittingly, it was also coached by former Sixers coach, Larry Brown.

68. Former Sixer Jrue Holiday met his wife, Lauren, as a member of the Sixers. Lauren plays for the U.S. Women's National Soccer team, which has a chance to win the World Cup tomorrow.

69. Here's a nice picture of 2014-15 Sixer Jason Richardson and Jrue at the Women's World Cup from about a week back.

70. Just one more picture of Super-American Spencer Hawes.

71. Former 76er Andre Iguodala, NBA Finals MVP, also won a gold medal for America in the 2012 Olympic games, playing a similar role on that team as he did the NBA finals - lock down defender and super role player.

72. Like many things that are good for you, such as functioning infrastructure and federal holidays, Iguodala was under-appreciated in his Philadelphia days.

73. In 1972-73, the Sixers set a then-record for NBA futility by losing 73 games. That team was at one point the worst in major American sports history, though the NFL's Tampa Bay Buccaneers would eventually have a winless season, and the Charlotte Bobcats a worse NBA season by winning percentage.

74. Fred Carter is a great American, and the best player on that 1972-73 team.

75. Sam Hinkie, in the minds of some people, runs his operation similar to the American social security system. Only one of those actually has the traits of a pyramid scheme.

76. ers. I rest my case.