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Rights To Ricky Sanchez: Nik Stauskas Trade, Sixers Free Agent Point Guards, Jahlil Okafor Forever

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In our first podcast since Draft Night, we talk at length about the Kings-Sixers trade and what the next few years look like.

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Last week, Spike and Mike lamented Sam Hinkie's lack of moves during the draft. Jahlil Okafor was BPA, but as players fell and fell and the Sixers remained silent, our faith in The Process was unstable. Where have all the cowboys gone, Sam?

Well, Cowboy Sam Hinkie rolled up into Sacramento and stole everything.

On this Rights To Ricky Sanchez, Nik Stauskas is a Sixer, Jason Thompson and Carl Landry could be serviceable or flipped, and pick opportunities to come are Basketball Porn. Marc Whittington has a great recap of the pick situation here. Casual NBA fans probably assume those 2016 and 2017 pick swaps are unlikely to benefit the tanking Sixers, but that Kings team is a mess and the Sixers are not as far away from being sort of good as public consciousness will have you believe. One of those pick swaps is going to matter a whole lot.

We also run down a few of my choices for free agent point guards. It's unlikely the Sixers go after any of them, but Cory Joseph seems the most likely. Jeremy Lin would be fun, Patrick Beverley would be fun in a different way, and Rajon Rondo would be hysterical. Spike also makes fun of me for laying the pipe for Deron Williams. Let's all prepare to settle on Ish Smith.

Read this article from Sactown Royalty on Jason Thompson, Sixers fan, here. Hope he sticks around as the new LRMAM.

Also, we lay claim to the fact that we coined Trust The Process, so everybody better fucking recognize.

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