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Report: Joel Embiid Re-Broke Injured Navicular Bone

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Not great news!

Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports

The "bad Joel Embiid news" train has decided to make another stop in Monday's news circuit.

According to Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News, Embiid's navicular bone which he had surgery to repair last year has been re-broken. The news was buried as a one-liner in a story about the Sixers outlook in 2015-16, which feels super odd, given it's a pretty big news story in itself.

Embiid is expected to have surgery to repair his injured foot some time over the next few days. This likely puts him on a similar recovery period to his last surgery: no basketball activities for several months, light work around the new year, in hopes of having him ready by summer league in 2016.

Once surgery was considered an option, it shouldn't have come as a total surprise that a break could have been a possibility, but it's disappointing nonetheless. If Embiid's foot is already so weak at age 21, it's hard to imagine how he'll hold up by 30.

One also has to wonder how exactly the break -- originally just played off as a setback -- actually occurred. At his post-draft press conference, Sam Hinkie had this to say:

...We got to March, and in March he had a CT scan that looked right on schedule. on that point he was nine months post [operation]. And they said, "This looks excellent. Everything is good. Take the next step." The next step that we always talked about. That went great. And he played wonderfully and was able to do more and more day and day by day. Including like, play, and play in our gym, and shoot and run and do all sorts of things.

And we had one more precautionary [CT scan], it was largely the pre-summer league one. We had that and it looked different. It just looked different.

Not to try and drive some conspiracy theory here (JOEL'S INJURY WAS AN INSIDE JOB), but this is a super weird statement. How does someone going from perfectly on schedule in March, to having a re-broken foot by the end of June?

Either Embiid injured himself during rehab towards the end of the season and it went undetected, or he hurt himself during his nearly three month period away from the team. Neither is a good look, especially the latter, which may or may not be true.

There are a lot of aspects here that need explaining, and I'm not sure we'll ever get a legitimate answer. One thing we do know is that Joel was never in any pain, which could be a little bit comforting. He was with the team in Las Vegas, not wearing a protective boot and jogging up flights of stairs.

His foot may never be completely healthy, but if he feels fine, it may come to the point of just trotting him out there and seeing how long he can hold up.

For now, we look forward to the summer of 2016, and try and fill the time with vines of Joel shooting flat-footed three's.