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Scottie Wilbekin and Pierre Jackson Join the Great Sixers Point Guard Experiment

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it's about to get offseasony

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On today's Rights To Ricky Sanchez podcast, Dem Ricky Boyz give a little more context to the Joel Embiid injury. Last week, it was all gut reactions and tearful goodbyes. This week, it's... sorta more of the same. Hopefully he can play. I saw him at Summer League, he looked happy and okay and was still nailing threes. Prayers up to whatever higher power you believe in that Jojo's recovery takes.

Scottie Wilbekin and Pierre Jackson got contracts, adding to T.J. McConnell, Isaiah Canaan, and Tony Wroten in the Quantity Over Quality point guard (?) stable in the Sixers locker room. Not all of them will make the team, but they'll get a shot to compete against each other in training camp and win an actual spot on the team. Based on what I've heard from the team, I wouldn't rule out another free agent signing. I also would never rule out Ish Smith.

Oh and of course we defend Hinkie (for a change) and slam everybody who isn't us.

Spike and I also get into it about Trust The Process, hot dog sandwiches, helicopter airplanes, and a host of other dumb things that you can really only get on this stupid podcast. Get ready for an offseason of vaguely Sixersy conversation. Listen up below.

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